Droid Pron App Store Now Open For Business

November 30, 2009


Uninhibited by the oppressive app policing of Apple (even though shit like this gets past), an adults-only application store for the Droid has popped up. HELLO MiKandi! Get it? My Candy. Jesus, do I have to walk to you to the schoolbus too?

MiKandi is a white label app store for free and paid-for apps, allowing developers to upload more content around their filthy apps--including YouTube tutorials if you're so inclined. Asking developers "Maybe you're feeling like your innovative juices are being squeezed by not having the screenshots or video you need to properly showcase and sell your product?" they promise not to restrict any app unless it's illegal, further widening the cavity between Apple and Android.
Sure, why not? Unfortunately, I'm not much of a porn guy.

MiKandi: The World's First Porn App Store for Android [gizmodo]

Thanks to darwinpolice, who notes, "there's a fap for that". Also, that you should probably be dead already.

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