DO WANT: Dinosaur Hatchling Ornaments

November 17, 2009


Just look at that cute little devil wrapped up all tight in his egg! It's like he's a little present himself -- all he needs is a bow! Show your strictly platonic dino-love this holiday season with this $14 Brachiosaurus hatchling ornament from the Big Bad Toy Store. They make the perfect Christmas momento for children and adults who never stopped loving dinos alike. Unfortunately, I want a REAL dino hatchling for Christmas. I'm talking from my loins. Godzilla, Falkor, Puff, Barney -- one of you better immaculate concept me. DO IT NOW!

Dinosauria Hatching Egg Ornament [nerdapproved]

Thanks to Naja, who better have gotten me a season pass to Jurassic Park.

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