Chemisty: Periodic Table Of Cupcakery

November 30, 2009


Sadly, it's not actually a periodic table OF cupcakes like I may have falsely advertised. Instead, it's a periodic table MADE with cupcakes. AAAAAHH I WOULD STILL EAT THEM INDISCRIMINATELY! Starting with lithium.

This periodic table of cupcakes is for a chemistry nerd's birthday party. Each cake is labeled with an element and color-coded by its state of matter. I hear hydrogen and helium are very light and fluffy. Looks like someone already ate ununseptium.

Yeah, but what do you do if they make you pass ignoble gas? Tape your b-hole shut, that's what. ZOMG, new fad diet -- you watch!

Periodic Table Cupcakes [neatorama]

Thanks to naas, who has never met a cupcake he doesn't like. Except 2 Girls 1 Cupcake, which he didn't hate.

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