Cheat Sheet: Hang Up In Your Time Machine

November 25, 2009


This is part of a cheat-sheet (worthwhile full version HERE) you're supposed to hang up in your time machine so you can steal everyone's credit for discoveries and inventions of the past. Smaaaart. I definitely just printed one out and taped it to the dash of my time traveling box (literally, I made it out of a refrigerator box). MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAH!! Soon the history books will read: Geekologie Writer: World's Greatest Lover (He did the Sphinx!).

Available as both $18 print or shirt.

Product Site (poster) and Shirt

Thanks to Nik, who's gonna try to go back and take the title from me but like I said I'M THE WORLD'S GREATEST LOVER NOT A FIGHTER.

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