BOOM, Instant Attractive: Pikachu Ski Mask

November 23, 2009


This knitted Pikachu ski mask from deviantARTist Sugarcoatidli3z is just the thing to spice up your love life/rob a bank/scare children/grow humongous breasts.

Whatever your motivation, textile extraordinaire Andrea has got you covered. Armed with her own pattern, twelve hours of spare time, and a buttload of yarn, she made this Pikachu ski mask for facial protection during the cold winter months. You know what she could say if she was trying to scare people while wearing it? Pika-BOO!

Pika-BOO -- where was I on that? Damnit. Anyway, I was gonna say something about spicing up your love life. What was it? Oh, right -- everybody who's ever wanted to make love to a character from a children's video game, raise your hand. Police, arrest those people. NOT ME -- I just had an itch! DAMN YOU, ZELDA!....and Samus....and Peach!

....and Charizard.

A Scary Pikachu Ski Mask [hawtymcbloggy]

Thanks to Kelly, who knows that looking good almost always involves a mask....for you. Not her.

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