Apple: Smoking May Void Your Warranty

November 24, 2009


So apparently smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products (no word on the ganj) may void your Mac warranty. Plus kill you slow. Hey, that's booze's job!

Consumer advocate blog The Consumerist reports two examples of Apple stores refusing to honour the warranty on a Mac because of contamination from cigarette smoke. It seems the faults could be attributed to exposure to smoke and accumulated tar, although there is no specific mention of cigarette smoke in the AppleCare warranty contract.

When pushed for clarification, Apple insisted that nicotine is on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's list of hazardous substances and Apple would not require an employee to repair anything deemed hazardous to their health.

Because I have a degree in investigative journalism am a ninja I called Apple this morning to clarify. Yeah, and I had them patch me in to Steve Jobs' iPhone, where I asked the really hard hitting questions, "But what about pole? Hello? HELLO? STEVE?"

Should smoking void your warranty? [digihub]

Thanks to b00geyman, who only smokes cheeba, it helps him with his brain, he might be a little dusted but he's not insane.

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