2 Princess Leias Sunbathing In Golden Bikinis

November 6, 2009


Because it's Friday and I love you, here's Princess Leia in her golden bikini. But not just any Princess Leia, THE Princess Leia. Plus another one!

Here you can see Carrie Fisher in her metal bikini alonside Tracy Eddon, her stunt double in Return of the Jedi. Both are suntanning between takes on the deck of Jabba's Sail Barge

Click the jump to see an even better picture of the duo. Aaaaand I'm going to assume everybody immediately hit the jump and save myself from having to write anything else here boner boner boner.

Tell me you hit it already.


These Are the Bikini Princess Leias You Are Looking For (Updated) [gizmodo]

Thanks to Paulo and Joshuwizzle

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