Somebody Give Me A Ride To The Grocery Store, Pleeease!: Create-A-Dino Fruit Snacks

October 16, 2009


These Create-A-Dino fruit snacks from Betty Crocker are hands down the best thing to happen to non-nutritional gummy snacking since Shark Bites. Each package contains a collection of different dinosaur parts and allows you, the snack-star, to create your own dino! Want to gobble a Tricera-raptor? No problem -- the possibilities are limitless! But not really, there ARE a finite number of pieces. Still, I WANT TO EAT EVERY COMBINATION! And even if you do eat a whole box, you've still consumed 0 grams of protein, so you don't have to worry about building any pesky muscle. WIN-WIN? No, WIN-RAWR! Now get inside me you sexy little Stegasaurus-Rex. Oooh -- I've got your tail!

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Thanks to Brian, who misses those Garfield shaped fruit snacks that came out when I was in 3rd grade. Me too, Brain, I used to trade M&M's to a friend of mine for all his Odies.

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