No, You're The Trashcan: An R2-D2 Hoodie

October 20, 2009


This is an R2-D2 hoodie made by Etsy seller frosti. It's available right now for $92 but you better hurry before I finish writing this post because I'm going to buy it as soon as I'm done. Haha, you never stood a chance! Just kidding, I don't have $92 and the seller just informed me she doesn't accept unicorn semen. That shit's better than gold!

Hit the jump for a Robin (of Batman's homosexual lover fame) hoodie made by the same seller.


frosti's Etsy Page
r2-d2 hoodie is bleepin' awesome [technabob]

Thanks to daniel, who almost BEEP BOOP BOPPED his way to my heart till I realized he was an android and brained him with a monkey wrench.

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