More Spork Art: This Time A Human Carcass!

October 14, 2009


After yesterday's Plasticdragon, loyal Geekologie Reader Ashley wrote to inform me that he and his art group recently created a similar figure. Except, instead of a dragon, it's a dead-ass body!

This is a piece we did at Uni early this year and I just saw your feature article on the plastic dragon. The skeleton has been getting some nice features so thought you might be interested! :) It was a comment on the ironic contrast between our disposable fast-food culture and the problem of world famine. This received a D&AD Commendation at the '09 Awards.

Well done, Ashley. I'd like to take this time to point out that I, for one, am 100% against world famine. Now I know that I usually try to avoid getting political, but I firmly believe that all people should eat food. Except the fatties. They should exercise.

Hit the jump for three closeups.




SSZ ROOTED winner: Cutlery Skeleton [shellsuitzombie]

Thanks to the art crew responsible, which consists of:
and Lewis, who is far too cool for a website.

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