Marc Ecko/Timex Star Wars Watches Coming To Compliment Existing Line Of Hoodies

October 20, 2009


As you already know because you read Geekologie religiously and don't get news from anywhere else (nor should you) Marc Ecko already has a line of Star Wars themed hoodies out. And now he's teaming up with Timex to release a series of Star Wars watches.

This post on The Marc Ecko Blog actually dates back to July, but it shows off a couple of watch designs including a Stormtrooper model and a Boba Fett one, which each feature a mixture of metals, rubber and nylons as well as sounds and light-up 'Indiglo' features. Pricing and availability info is still scarce, though the blog post does mention "Holiday 2009″ so if there's a Star Wars fan on your Christmas list you might want to keep an eye out for them.

Let me get a show of hands for who would wear one of these. Okay, now a show of hands for who would rock a Geekologie t-shirt. Hell yeah you would! And you know what? You'd look gooooood. Doable even.

Marc Ecko And Timex Teaming Up For A Line Of Star Wars Themed Watches [ohgizmo]

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