It's About Time: Glow In The Dark Lingerie

October 30, 2009


Listen ladies -- if you have to wear glow in the dark lingerie in order for your lover to find all your parts, I've got news for you: you may be dating a middle-schooler. NOT COOL.

LuminoGlow is an Australian company that makes unmentionables that look normal with the lights on, but glow in the dark when they're turned off. Pretty neat, but don't glow in the dark items need to be left in the light for a while before they glow? Are you supposed to wear these around the house all day first just to charge them up before gametime at night? And will they glow through your clothes if you wear a thin shirt or dress?

Unmentionables, I love that term. Because they're actually totaaaaally mentionable. PANTIES PANTIES BRA THONG BOOBIE BELT. See? No big deal. Also, call me old fashioned but I prefer non-glowing genitals. Just sayin'.

Because I love you, hit the jump for four more full-body shots of the undies in action.





Glow-in-the-Dark Lingerie: Less Awkward Than Scratch-and-Sniff Lingerie [gizmodo]

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