I Would 100% Eat Those: Mario Bon-Bons

October 12, 2009


These Mario bon-bons were all created by L337 skilled pastry artist (and Flickr user) Ana Fuji (like the apple!) and feature a fondant character atop a delectable chocolate ball. I think my favorite is either the fire-flower or Bomb-omb (another picture after the jump). Also, Ana did a series of Pokémon characters as well, which I think we can all agree brings new meaning to the term "Poké-bons", am I right? Or any meaning at all SEEING HOW IT DIDN'T EXIST BEFORE I JUST MADE IT UP! Word wizarding degree: I got mine from Hogwarts. Get jealousful!

Hit the jump for another shot of the Mario-bons and one of the Poké-bons.



Ana's Flickr Stream
super mario makes for some tasty treats [technabob]

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