I Like: Superheroes In Old War Photographs

October 16, 2009


This is a little gallery of old photographs with pictures of superheroes Photohaxored in. I thought they were pretty neat, but perhaps you don't. And maybe that's the fundamental difference between you and I. Well, besides how handsome and smart you are. Did I say you? I meant me. It's true, one time I looked in a mirror and it shattered itself because it was so jealous of my handsomosity (and word wizardry). I jest -- I was so ugly I put my fist through it. REFLECT ON THAT, YOU STUPID MIRROR! Also, my hand bled and this nancy Edward begged to lick it but I wouldn't let him. Just sayin', I can be a lamb too.

Hit the jump for three more, including a little Fidel action.




Super hero Photography

Thanks to Obama Pacman, who doesn't need superheroes to do his dirty work because he eats that shit up like the presidential dot muncher that he is.

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