Good Job: Guy Builds Giant LEGO Castle

October 21, 2009


This is the Hoernersburg Castle, a LEGO castle constructed by NoName Hoerner because castles are awesome and he must have known I want to live in one. You can see a hi-res cross section of the castle HERE but it's really worth going to the website to see it in all its detail and read the little story he made up about it (plus videos). He even built a little town full of peasants down below the castle. So, in the metaphor of Geekologie, those people are you. Me? I'm the prince. The handsome one. That slays dragons. With his penis. You hear that, Puff? I'm coming for you! (Double entendre FTW)

Hoernersburg Lego Castle

Thanks to Matty, who can live in my castle provided he kill any dragons that may attack and tell everyone I did it.

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