Fail: Drunkest Man Ever Tries To Buy Beer

October 15, 2009

MUST WATCH. Sad and funny at the same time -- my favorite!

This is what may very well be the world's drunkest (plus pills!) man attempting to buy beer from a convenience store. His perseverance is amazing. Don't get me wrong, he still fails miserably, but he's a hero in my book. Because, sometimes, trying is enough.

Drunkest Guy Ever Goes for More Beer [break]

Thanks to Eddie, who's been known to stand outside the convenience store at 7AM waiting for it to open so he can buy beer. Been there, Eddie, been there.

  • Cortney Peacock Jacobs

    how are there NO comments for this post? It was hysterical. I am CRYING...and not just because that's my j/k

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