Brass, Glass And Ass: A Steampunk Toilet

October 15, 2009


This is a picture of a highly questionable steampunk toilet. This is just the tank here, you have to actually watch the video after the jump to see the brass (painted) seat and shit (but not literally, the bowl's clean). Still, a cup holder, that's smart. Who knew those Victorians were such forward thinkers? BECAUSE THEY WEREN'T. I'm pretty confident they pissed in clay jugs or, worse, right out the window. Which, OMG, I'm relieving myself oldschool style! Haha -- sorry Mrs. Harding, but you should watch where you're walking!! Cute dog.

Hit the jump for a the video of the brass throne in action.

taking steampunk hilariously far: the steampunk urinal [technabob]

Thanks to pete, whose never peed on anything he didn't like.

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