Yikes!: Pee Wee's Playhouse Action Figures

September 23, 2009


Just looking at this $140 set of action figures makes me question what the hell my parents were thinking letting me watch such a wack-ass program as a child (I suspect they were thinking "booze time!"). I mean, it's pretty amazing I still turned out alright. Somebody, anybody, back me up here.

The 80's classic Pee-Wee's Playhouse is back with this line of action figures. The case of 14 pieces includes the following characters: 6x Pee Wee Herman, 3x Cowboy Curtis, 3x Miss Yvonne, 1x Pterri, and 1x Puppetland (Subject to change). These figures are highly detailed and must have for any Pee-Wee fan. Comes in retro-packaging to further the retro feel.
Wait, what? What the hell am I gonna do with 6 damn Pee Wee Herman dolls? 3 gay Cowboy Curtises, sure (I can't quit you!), but six Pee Wees? No thanks. Also, you notice Pee Wee's hand there on the left? Not a coincidence.

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Pee Wee's Playhouse Action Figure Case [walyou]

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