Why Not?: Ordering Pizza From Your PS3

September 19, 2009


Let's be honest with ourselves: we all love pizza. I'm particularly fond of the white variety BUT NOT BECAUSE I'M RACIST (I have a Hispanic friend). I just like the way it tastes in my mouth. Like ice cream, but hot. Anyway, now you can order Papa John's pizzas from you PS3. And you don't even have to go to the internet browser! Because, seriously, that would be way too much thumb exercise. Isn't that right, my opposable little lovers? Now, do that thing that I like so much. Wait! Let me sit on you till you're numb first.

papa john's and playstation 3, because no one wants to get off the couch to order pizza [technabob]

Thanks to chris, who once reheated day-old pizza in his XBox.

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