'Today Was A Good Day': The Flow Chart

September 15, 2009


If there's two things I learned to love in college it's flow charts and communal showering. And this is by far one of the awesomest flow charts I've ever seen. It's right up there with the What Should I Eat? chart. Click HERE to see the flow chart in its entirety, which outlines all of Ice Cube's iconic 'Today Was A Good Day'. Now I know what you're thinking: how the hell can you even think about starting a good day with a hogless breakfast? Because one time I only had dry white toast and a poached egg and then got hit by the school bus. Coincidence?

Hit the jump to watch the music video and follow along with the chart.

Today Was a Good Day- Flow Chart! [anotherdamnblog]

Thanks to Maggie, who makes every day a good day because she mixes it with love and makes the world taste good. Just like the candy man, but without the van and sex offender record.

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