Sadness: LEGO House Gets Demolished

September 28, 2009


The LEGO house built by James May for his BBC program Toy Stories was recently demolished after nobody stepped forward to buy and preserve the plastic abode. I would have, but I don't have the money. Or pants (pants? where I'm going I don't need pants). I'm going back to the past! Anyway, this is a little gallery of the demolition. Allegedly the blocks (which were actually donated by LEGO) are going to be used for charity builds in the future. So yeah, that's a silver lining. But not a silver panty liner! Which, haha, HORF HORF HORF HORF HORF.

Hit the jump for several more shots of the sadness.




Lego House Gets Destroyed--You Can Cry Now [gizmodo]

Thanks to AndyMac, Victoria, Kyle, Tofu Butcher, Oli, The Newologist and Nigel, who would have hit that like a wrecking ball. I'm talking sexually. You all need help.

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