Ping Pong Fighter: Street Fighter, With Ping Pong (And Two Shirtless Guys, Yow Yow!)

September 9, 2009

This is short video of Ping Pong Fighter, which, in case you don't read titles, is like Street Fighter but with Ping Pong. Fun fact: Ping Pong is actually a trademarked name. Table tennis is the generic term for the sport. I AM SPITTIN' MAD KNOWLEDGE TODAY, SON! Anyway, I thought the video was pretty cute. And not just cause of the two hunky guys playing. Because they're not hunks. Those are what we familiar with the gay community call twinks. Me? I'm a bear like Zangief. RAWR!


Thanks to Tunio, who once went to Ping Pong ball show in Thailand and hasn't been able to pick up a paddle since.

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