Mobile Bar: Beer Bike Totes Two Kegs, Pizza

September 27, 2009


The Beer Bike was designed and created by Hopworks Urban Brewing of Portland, Oregon, and features two kegs and taps, plus a hot pizza storage unit. Impressive, but I can't even imagine pedaling two full kegs of beer around. I mean, those bitches are heavy. Sure, I've dated three-keg girls before, BUT I NEVER OFFERED THEM RIDES ON MY HANDLEBARS, NOW DID I?! I didn't. I demanded piggybacks!

Beer Bike! [mostlyhere]

Thanks to Kevin, who built a bike with an actual mobile brewery on the back.

  • Alan Blunt

    Beer bike is one of the best option for every one when we are on vocation with friends. Amsterdam Beer Bike is a good source of fun and pleasure. Agree with you we can place sound system led party lights and other attractive things on beer bike.

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