Looks Breakable: New PS4 Concept Art

September 4, 2009


From Tai Chiem, the same designer who conceptualized last week's XBox 720 comes this PS4. And here I've been thinking it was a baseball cap glued to a coffee table. Silly me.

As the designer expects, the Playstation 4 will sport a high end touch screen rather than glossy body that the current generation gaming console sports. The CD ROM has a sexy placement and a gloss cover that can be customized would definitely be an added advantage, what say? Even the PS4 controllers are designed to perfectly match with the console and will sport a few touch screen options. From the images given, it seems that the gen next Play station will also have an embedded OLED screen, which makes this Playstation 4 game console here twice as cool as expected, right?

What's up with making everything out of glass? I've got news for you designers -- GLASS ISN'T FUTURISTIC. Self-powered rocket ships, those are futuristic. Glass is oldschool. As a matter of fact, one time I saw a glass bottle from the 1970's. That's before I was even born!

Hit the jump for several other renderings.




Amazing New PS4 Game Console Design [walyou]

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  • This isn't supposed to be futuristic it's supposed to be modern or the next step. Personally it's the glass that gets me because there is absolutely nothing wrong with oldschool. 

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