Lookin' Bad: Bluetooth Ringphone Concept

September 11, 2009


Who the hell would actually want to talk to their hand like in the picture is beyond me (where do I sign up?), but Argentinian design team BCK designed this set of rings to use as a Bluetooth headset handset. Also, anybody else notice how the thumb above the ring was drawn in, and the pinky looks like it was torn off and sewn back on by Dr. Frankenstein? I wish mine looked like that.

The user talks to the hand using the yellow ring that fits halfway down the little finger, and then listens with the pink ring on the thumb.

This is one concept that probably won't catch on, ever. Unless you can make a display to put on the palm. Maybe there is some alternate reality where this technology came into fruition.

One ring to hear your calls,

One ring to talk in,
Two rings to take your calls,
and with the Bluetooth bind them.

BWAAHAHAHAHAHA. A Lord of the Rings themed poem, that's too precious. See what I did there? See how I snuck the precious right on in there? Jesus I should teach lessons about being awesome.

Bluetooth Concept turns your finger phone into reality [alphabetatricks]

Thanks to Cinema Obsessed, who isn't obsessed with movies so much as the popcorn.

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