I'd Live In It: Homemade Enterprise Galileo 2

September 22, 2009


Somebody went and built a USS Enterprise Galileo 2 shuttle in their backyard out of particleboard and, well, more particleboard. I would totally live in it too, I don't care if there are a bunch of spiders. Or roly polies! You see, I never had a treehouse growing up, so I'm trying to rekindle my youth. Sure, this technically isn't a treehouse, but it does beat camping out in your uncle's basement under a stained bedsheet draped between two barstools. Ah, the memories. Mostly bad ones.

Hit the jump for some more shots, including the ultra-sweet interior and a link to even more.





some grankids get tree houses, and some grankids.... [thechive]

Thanks to dr venkman, who got drunk on Slimer goo and drove the Ecto-1 right through that bitch.

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