I Would Ride In That: Super Luxuriant Brabus Mercedes-Benz Viano Lounge/Mobile Office

September 28, 2009


This is the interior of the 2010 Brabus Mercedes-Benz Viano Lounge. As you can see, it has everything a person could want in a van. Except little kids. I'm looking at you, pederast!

Aside from its 426hp 6.1L V8 engine, the 2010 Brabus Mercedes-Benz Viano Lounge features a 32-inch LCD, two Sony VAIO laptops, a PlayStation 3, Nespresso machine, and even a Vertu Constellation phone. Unfortunately, this is just a concept...for now.

"Two power comfort seats provide maximum comfort for both rear passengers. Similar to long-distance flights in business class both seats can be reclined to full sleeping position at the push of a button."

I, for one, would not be ashamed to be driven around in this thing. I don't care if it looks like a soccermom mobile from the outside, I would totally hang out in the back and get my business on. And by business, I quite literally mean business. I've got money to make, son, no time for hanky panky! Mobile counterfeiting lab FTW.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots.



Brabus Mercedes-Benz Viano Lounge is a Geek's Paradise [techeblog]

Thanks to ben, Ashley and Fally, who can all ride with me as long as they get truckers to honk their horns when we pass.

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