Help A Brother Out: Geekologie Reader Seeks Manufacturer For Gaming-Inspired Furniture

September 23, 2009


Loyal Geekologie Reader (or giant liar) Kristian Aus is an Australian designer currently seeking a manufacturer for some of his video game inspired furniture. This is a stool inspired by the Pac-Man ghosts, and there's a Space Invaders table after the jump. Good looking, Kristian. I like how the designs are obviously inspired by the games but not so much to warrant paying royalties. So yeah, contact Kristian through his website if you're into molded plastics. But if you're into molded sandwiches, you gotta check out the fridge. That ham and cheese looks hairy! $1 if you take a bite.

Hit the jump for the Space Invaders coffee table.


Product Site

Thanks Kristian, I want a free set if it happens.

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