Fun For All Ages: Dino Dig Challenge, A Battleship Ripoff (But I'm Not Complaining)

September 18, 2009


Dino Dig Challenge plays like Battleship, but instead of a bunch of stupid boats, you're hunting for raptor bones. I LOOOVE RAPTOR BONES!

  • 2 player competition to see who can excavate their opponent's dinosuar bones first.
  • Includes 2 player dig base unit, 8 excavation site tiles, 10 different dinosaur bones and flag markers
  • Be the first to complete a velociraptor skeleton and win!

OMG, YES! And the great thing about it is, this is a game that you can play alone if you want. Actually, that's the only way I play. Oh -- oh -- I JUST SUNK MY OWN DINOBONE!

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Thanks to Dinosaur Josh, who loves dinosaurs as much as I do, but in a different way. You're missing out, Josh. Like they say, "once you go Jurassic, you never go back to men". Okay, that's not true. VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE.

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