Beep Boop Bop: R2-D2 Cookies For Sale

September 8, 2009


Well folks, the holiday weekend is over. And, as much as I'd love to go back and live every second of it all over again, my time machine is broken. And by broken I mean not finished yet. BUT SOME DAY. Anyway, here are some R2-D2 cookies made by Etsy seller SugarandFlour. $13 nets you six of the beep boop boppiest delectables this side of the galaxy. JUST DON'T EAT HIS THIRD LEG. Save that for me. Now come give Obi Geekologie-aroni some kissies you sexy little droid, you!

One more shot after the jump.


A True Labor Of Love. R2D2 Sugar Cookies [gamergrrlz]

Thanks to twellve, who almost made C-3P0 cookies until she realized that he sucks so hard.

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