100% Badass: Monkey Island 2 Rendered 3D

September 30, 2009

This is a video of some of the scenery in Monkey Island 2 rendered in 3D using the Crysis engine. It is by far the most beautiful thing I've seen in recent history (not including that glimpse I caught of myself getting out of the shower Monday).

This video is an experiment done for fun. It demonstrates how original Monkey Island 2 backgrounds look and feel in a modern 3d game engine. The sets were built using Maya and then exported into Cryengine's Sandbox editor.

Was that not awesome? Cause it most definitely was. And in other Monkey Island news, the third serial in the latest Monkey Island series just dropped yesterday, so I've been playing it in between posts. A strong work ethic: I have one. Also, left hook. POW! Haha, you didn't believe me! Look at yourself, lying there bleeding, you oughta be ashamed! Unless you're a girl, in which case that was totally the guy behind me.

Project Site

Thanks to Martyn, who once killed a three-headed monkey and had it stuffed and mounted in his rumpus room.

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