You're Doing It Wrong!: Astronomers Discover A Planet Orbiting Its Sun Backwards

August 13, 2009


So apparently astronomers have spotted a planet that orbits its sun in the opposite direction that the sun rotates, the first known of its kind. Nice. WAY TO BE DIFFERENT YOU STUPID LITTLE PLANET, YOU JUST BLEW MY WHOLE THEORY OF PLANETARY ORBITY THINGS! You jerk.

The star and its planet, WASP-17, are about 1,000 light-years away.

WASP-17 likely had a close encounter with a larger planet, and the gravitational interaction acted like a slingshot to put WASP-17 on its odd course, the astronomers figure.

You know, this reminds me of a special little planet I knew growing up. He always put his shoes on the wrong feet and had to wear headgear to school. But you know what? HE TURNED OUT TO BE THE LITTLE PLANET THAT COULD. What -- no I'm not talking about myself, this kid was actually retarded (of course it was me).

Newfound Planet Orbits Backward [yahoonews]

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