Whee!: See-Through WindowPhone Concept

August 20, 2009


I am back home safe and sound. Geekologie will now return to its regularly schedule program.

The WindowPhone was conceptualized by every single person that daydreams about the future, but designer Seunghan Song actually took the time to create a rendering of it. This is that rendering.

The phone would essentially be translucent, displaying information and images on a window-like surface in a form factor relatively similar to the iPhone's.

The killer feature of this concept phone is its ability to change the look of the display glass to match the current weather conditions of your location (i.e. sunny day equals clear screen, rainy day equals virtual droplets on your screen).

I know how much some of you hate things that are only conceptual, but remember: concepts are what push us towards the future. And the future, as you may know, is filled with giant, terrifying robots. Which is why these designers should all be killed. Also, if the battery dies in this thing you can forget about ever finding your phone again.

WindowPhone concept points to future of touch cell phones [dvice]

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