Teen Girls Gaming: Twilight MMORPG Coming

August 3, 2009


I can't even begin to express how excited I was when I found out a Twilight massive mutiplayer online roll playing game (MMORPG) was in development by BrainJunk (no kidding) Studios. Seriously, I got so worked up I almost jumped off the roof of my apartment building.

Brandon Gardener, head of the software development for the project recently spoke to the Examiner. He describes the game as:

"an open non-linear world set around Forks. I like the idea of letting players explore the world, and discover new amazing things that are not even covered in the book or the movie..."

Mr. Gardener based the story line around Twilight and Midnight Sun so players can play from Edward or Bella's perspective. He also wants to include New Moon so players can experience phasing into a werewolf.

Wow, can you say a bunch of creepy old guys trolling for teen girls in a video game? Because I can. It's pronounced Twilight: The MMORPG.

A Twilight based MMORPG is in development [twilightsource] (I lurk the shit outta that site)

Thanks to Arron, who is buying multiple PC's even as we speak.

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