Spoiled: Dad Makes Son Y-Wing Bunk Bed

August 11, 2009


Obviously vying for a coveted 'Father of the Year' award, some guy went and made his son a Y-Wing bunk bed and hangar themed bedroom. Impressive, guy, but what you don't know is that your son didn't want to sleep in a Y-Wing -- he wanted to sleep in a tauntaun! He was just too embarrassed to say so because he knew how much it meant for you to be able to drink beer in the garage and play with power tools. Son of the year? No, but I wouldn't put him up for adoption either. He's a keeper.

Hit the jump for several more shots of the ridiculousness.





This Kid Actually Sleeps in a Y-Wing [gizmodo]

Thanks to Cojo, who built his son a spaceship bunkbed that actually flies. PSSSHOOOOOW!

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