Segway's Little Sister: The eniCycle

August 21, 2009


The eniCycle was designed by Aleksander Polutnik and is the lovechild of a Segway and whatever the hell this thing is. And I, for one, would totally ride it. Without a helmet. I'm bad!

The EniCycle is powered by an electric 1000 watt hub motor that you lean forward to set into motion--just like a Segway. Measuring your vertical angle 100 times a second, the gyroscopes make adjustments to help keep you balanced.

Not only would I ride the hell out of this thing, I would do it juggling bears. And not just because I'm hardcore, but because I'm classically trained for the circus. Just sayin', I can eat fire (now booking birthday parties).

Q: What did the snail riding the turtle say?

Hit the jump for a video of the uni in action.

Self-Balancing eniCycle is Like a Segway for the Circus [gizmodo]

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