Luke, I Am Your Hood Art: Darth Vader Car

August 3, 2009


Geekologie Reader Dustin, the same man responsible for spotting the Dagobah hump wagon a couple weeks ago, has had yet another Star Wars themed car drawn to him, this time a Vader Civic.

The Yoda Van and now this. I suppose all of the Star Wars cars in the universe slowly migrate towards me.

You might be right, Dustin. Also, I'm pretty sure this painting has cut the car's resale Force by at least a Skywalker arm. Oh, what's up with the custom license plate? STRW ARS? Your guess is as good as mine.


Thanks Dustin, and I'm glad to see you weren't driving and taking pictures this time. OR WERE YOU? You were!

*Please don't email me about the license plate. I get it, okay. But obviously, you don't get me. WHICH IS WHY WE'RE NOT DATING. I'm looking at you, Mr. and Ms. About To Send An Email Calling Me An Idiot.

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