Keychain LEGO Minifigs Hide A Bright Secret (Read: They Got LED's In Their Feet, Fool!)

August 3, 2009


These LEGO minifigs aren't just any LEGO minifigs, these 2.5" sums of beeches have keychains growing out of their domes AND A WHITE LED IN EACH FOOT. Sounds like somebody grew up under power lines. Available this fall for around $9, their torsos are sadly not interchangeable. Remember when you used to do that with your G.I. Joes? Because one time I replaced Gung Ho's torso with Lady Jaye's. It made me feel funny. Good funny. Down there. The tips of my toes, silly! Now rub them. DO IT NOW!

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LEGO Minifig With LED Feet [ohgizmo]

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