I've Seen It All Now: A 2:30 News Report About A Broom That Stands On Its Own

August 31, 2009

This is a two and a half minute news report from Alabama about a woman who thinks there's "a little holy spirit" in her new consignment shop because she can stand a broom up unsupported in three separate locations. I watched the whole thing but I highly recommend you not unless you really hate yourself or are into masochism (I am). Which reminds me -- did I ever tell you about the time I had a woman stomp around on my chest with golf cleats on and then hit balls off my nipples? Of course not, cause it's none of your business. Fore!

Hit the jump for an equally horrible (but MUST SEE) news report about a bear in some woman's backyard, complete with cardboard cutout reenactment.

Youtube (broom)
Youtube (bear)

Thanks to Fally, Katie, Jon and Eddie, who don't believe in miracles, only ghosts.

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