Is That A Spaceship?: XBox 720 Concept

August 31, 2009


This is a conceptual design of an XBox 720 by Tai Chiem. Why he assumes that Microsoft is even gonna call the new console the 720 is beyond me. It's not like there was a 180. Maybe they'll call it a 540. Or, if they're really high, the 420. Anyways, I only posted this because it reminds of the spaceship in 'Flight of the Navigator' and that movie is badass. Who else wants one of those little Puckmaren aliens that the kid stuffs into his backpack at the end? I do. Also, Sarah Jessica Parker when she was 21. And no, that's not creepy of me. "See you later, Navigator!"

Hit the jump for several other renderings from different angles.




Next Generation Xbox 720 Game Console Design [xboxfreedom]

Thanks to Dan, who suggests they name the new console the XBox Smallpox, cause gameplay is infectious, son!

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