I'm Proud Of You: Geekologie Reader Makes House Of Cards On Amusement Park Ride

August 27, 2009


Geekologie Reader Fitz and his friends, inspired by the post we did a while back about playing chess on roller coasters, decided to put a different spin on the pastime and make a house of cards on a coaster. This is the resulting shot.

We went to the amusement park yesterday, but we wanted to make it a special day, and after seeing your post with the checkers trick in a roller coaster, we though we could do something even more awesome.

I really hope you'll enjoy it, we putted a lot of effort into it (building a card castle in a water coaster, even with tape is freaking hard!). Plus my friends would be really happy to be on the Internet :P

Good lookin', Fitz. Of course, it would be even better looking if that little Asian girl in the front was puking all over you. What can I say, I like action shots.

Picture (high res)

Thanks Fitz, now how about a game of Risk next time?

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