I Would Hit That Like Vending Machine With A Stuck Bag Of Chips: XBox Controller Bento

August 26, 2009


This is a bento box made by Laura Bento (that would be like me being named Charles Blog!) for her husband's lunch. It looks pretty delicious. And I'm not just saying that because the only thing I've had to eat was a stale biscuit for lunch yesterday, but I am starting to see mirages.

The controller itself is obviously mostly comprised of rice, but the D-Pad was constructed from naturally grey Konnyaku (Japanese yam cake), while lemon peel, green apple peel, red pepper and dyed blue egg white make up the four colorful buttons.

Geez, look at all that SPAM. I sure hope Laura's husband works in a toilet testing factory. Get it? Because I heard he likes to eat on the john! Hey, me too!

Xbox 360 Bento Box Puts Real Xbox 360 to Shame [gizmodo]

Thanks to Heather, who once bento boxed a Sumo wrestler and won in the first round.

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