Finally!: Heart And Star Shaped Cucumbers

August 24, 2009


In Japan's unending quest to grow edibles shaped like other things comes these heart and star shaped cucumbers.

These cucumbers represent the cumulative efforts of an agricultural coop determined to make food preparation a little bit more exciting. Comprised of nine women in Chiba, a suburb of Tokyo, this grass roots organization cleverly uses plastic molds affixed to the stem of the plant, with which they can create heart and star shapes when the cucumber is sliced cross-wise.

These romantic cucumbers are selling at fancy supermarkets in Tokyo and as specially ordered wedding gifts at ceremonies throughout Japan. They cost 300 yen each (about $2.50).

Nice try, growers, but Lucky Charms has been growing marshmallows in different shapes for years. Anybody ever picked through a whole box to make a bowl of nothing but marshmallows? Well I hope you washed your hands first.

Hit the jump for what the vegetables look like ON A SALAD.


Heart-Shaped Cucumbers Make Salads More Lovely [weirdasianews]

Thanks to Melissa, who grows her vegetables in the shapes God intended: astrological signs.

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