Cry Baby: Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat (R.I.P.)

August 27, 2009

NOTE: Video possibly NSFW due to cussing (GD) a couple times.

This post originally started as a tribute to Keyboard Cat, who I just found out passed away earlier this year (around May). But then I saw the play him off video featured above of a kid crying about a hockey game and filming it for his Youtube channel when his dad walks in and yells at him for being such an idiot moron. It is amazing. Not that I'd know anything about filming myself crying because sex tapes don't count, right? There was something in my eye!

Hit the jump for another classic play him off from Walker, Texas Ranger (it's even more f'ed up).

Keyboard Cat is Dead, from Spokane [seattlest]

Thanks to Ed!, who I forgive for sending me old news because otherwise I may have never seen that video.

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