A Long Time Ago In A Restaurant Far, Far Away: Lightsaber Chopsticks

August 14, 2009


Why it's taken so long to produce some good looking lightsaber chopsticks is beyond me. I mean, they just make sense. Like wind energy and peeing in the sink, but with a culinary flair. Available in three colors, the $10 sticks are the perfect utensils for devouring tauntaun and Ewok dishes. But don't go trying to eat that shit Yoda fixes on Dagobah! The runs like you're about to be trampled by an AT-AT.

Hit the jump for one more shot of the sabers in hand.


コトブキヤ ライトセーバー チョップスティック [japanstarwars]

Thanks to naas has too many duplicates and sham, who eat the old fashioned way, through osmosis.

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