The World's Most Perfectly Spherical Balls

July 16, 2009


Meteorologists at Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization have created the world's most perfectly spherical balls out of silicon. Next, breasts.

This is one of the two most perfect spheres ever. Exactly one kilogram--Imperial units be damned forever--smooth to the nearest 0.0000000003 meter (1.18110236 × 10-8 inches), and round to within 0.00000005 meters (1.96850394 × 10-6 inches).

Nice try guys, but I've been told more than once that I, in fact, have the nicest set in the galaxy. Back me up in the comments, ladies.*

*Any unflattering comments will be deleted. I'm looking at you, Carol. And you, Josh.

Hit the jump for one more shot.


World's Most Perfect Pair of Balls--Yes! [gizmodo]

Thanks to 42 y/o undead warlock, who somehow knew about my spheres. Just hopefully through warlockery and not prowling outside my window.

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