The Apocalypse Nears: 101 Robot T-Shirts

July 9, 2009


No, I'M not posting 101 robot t-shirts. That's way too many images for me. That's like, damn near a hundred. I did post some of my favorites after the jump, but you'll have to hit the link to see them all. The nice thing is they're all conveniently linked to the various places you can buy them if you're interested. But you're not, are you? No, because we don't eff with robots, do we? No, we don't. That's like playing with fire. But nothing like playing with fire because fire's actually fun and won't shoot you with a laser. More like making love in prison. Yes, like making love in prison.

Oh, and I almost forgot the greatest part about this tip:


I know you've written about t-shirts in the past, and with a name like Geekologie the chances of you not liking robots are pretty slim, so I thought you might be interested to see a post I wrote a couple of weeks ago called '101 Robot T-shirts', which I probably don't need to explain the content of!

If you only knew, Andy, if you only knew. Or read. What can I say, I'm one in a million. The one that's gonna survive.

Hit the jump to see my favorites and then click through to see a whole bunch more (101, literally).









101 Robot T-Shirts [hideyourarms]

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