Sexy New Dinos Discovered In Australia

July 3, 2009

sexy dinos.jpg

Since I've been so good lately, God has decided to shine his golden face upon me with three previously unheard of dinosaur species for me to choose from as soon as my time machine is complete. Thanks, God.

The two herbivores (Wintonotitan and Diamantinasaurus, middle and bottom) and one carnivore, excavated from the Winton formation, roamed our land during the Cretaceous period - 98 million years ago.

"It not only presents us with two new amazing long-necked giants of the ancient Australian continent, but also announces our first really big predator - Australovenator," says Long.

That's right folks, that handsome devil up top is the Australovenator. I feel like I'm able to love again for the first time since Red Bull girl shot me down like a defunct satellite. Australovenator -- LOVENATE ME!

Scientists discover three new Aussie dinosaurs [abc]

Thanks to Melissa, Michael, janw and draw, who, HEY I CALLED DIBS GUYS, BACK OFF.

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