*Ring* Hello -- Death?: Novelty Skull Phone

July 16, 2009


I honestly thought novelty phones went out of style when people stopped using land lines, but hey, maybe your grandparents want a damn skull phone. That's cool. Just don't let them get on the interwebs lest they hand their life savings over to a Nigerian prince. Anyway, the $25 Thriller Skull Phone from Brando is available in white and metallic copper finishes and has blue LED eyes that light up when the phone is ringing. Sadly, it's not even cordless. WHO THE HELL STILL USES CORDED PHONES? Fun fact: I saw a payphone the other day. Did you know we still had those? Me neither. There was a hooker standing nearby and everything.

brando's thriller skull phone: so this is what happened to skeletor [technabob]

Thanks to FDSY and cakey, who make all their calls the old fashioned way: by yelling.

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