Punch Me!: Smash Brothers Brawl Cosplay

July 14, 2009


Artist/photographer Greg de Stefano created a gallery of Super Smash Bros: Brawl cosplay characters. As you'll see, he did an incredibly good job. Not as good of a job as I did, but he didn't just win 'Employee of the Month' for the second month in a row, now did he? No, he didn't. Where's your "#1 Stunna" coffee mug, Greg? Exactl-- WHERE'D YOU GET THAT?!?

Hit the jump to see a bunch more of my favorites, then the link to see them all (there's a lot).







Greg De Setfano's Portfolio

Thanks to ray and Damian, who smash bros but never hoes. They respect women.

  • Chris Miller

    This isn't cosplay. It's actually from a webseries I saw on The Escapist website years ago.

  • reesescape01949


  • Tony Fernandez

    There Will Be Brawl-SOOOOOO GOOOOOD

  • Guy Arnold

    Zero Suit Samus + Mario= WINS.

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